Alzheimer's & Memory Care in Lynchburg, VA

Within the Heritage Green campus is DayBreak, a fully secured community for seniors with various degrees of memory impairment. Our fully secured community was specifically designed with our residents' needs in mind. The unique building features self-contained neighborhoods, each with a living room, dining room, outside courtyard, with exploring paths. Each member of our professional staff is trained in the delivery of our DayBreak programming, which we developed to meet the needs of memory impaired residents.

We recognize each resident's need for daily therapeutic programming that makes the most of retained skills and abilities while recognizing each resident's individual level of appropriate social stimulation. In addition to integrating activities of daily living into our DayBreak programming, we emphasize the value of human relationships with attention to personal friendships and family interactions.

In-Home Culinary Service includes meal planning and companionship

Escort and assist with care needs during the medical appointment

A Gentle and Customized Approach

Developed in collaboration with memory impairment specialists, The Legacy Club meets regularly in a quiet room filled with interactive supplies. Residents enjoy a variety of activities in a sensory stimulating and affirming environment. Staff members working with residents of The Legacy Club have completed highly specialized training through nationally recognized programs. Onsite dementia specialists assess residents using a variety of tools and then train staff to meet the unique needs of each resident in the program.

The Legacy Club fosters a safe, engaging atmosphere, allowing freedom, mobility, choice and independence. The program meets the changing needs of individuals with dementia and promotes the highest quality of life. Our team will continually assess your loved one's needs and respond with care that is individualized and appropriate. Participants in The Legacy Club also enjoy the same services and amenities as all of our residents.

Clinical Care Services


While no one has yet figured out how to cure Alzheimer's disease or even stop its progress, we can slow it down and help individuals with Alzheimer's disease live useful, active lives for a longer time and continue to interact positively with their families. This is the goal of the DayBreak program.

Safety: Safety is always our first concern. It starts with the design of the building that is secure and free of objects that can cause harm to a resident with impaired judgment. It continues with the special care each resident receives from staff who are specifically trained in the latest techniques of caring for Alzheimer's disease.

A Medical Approach: There are many medicines available to help individuals with Alzheimer's disease and new ones are constantly being tested. Medicines seem to help some individuals, but not all. The choice to try medicines remains strictly with the family and resident's physician.

Clinical Care Services at  Heritage Green

Medical Assessment: Every resident has his or her own individualized program of care. Planning for this program begins before the resident arrives when our team of specialists collects information from the family about the resident's health, skills, and specifically what the resident likes to do and liked to do in the past. Assessment directly with the resident is done gradually and in a non-stressful manner both at home and after the resident arrives. Each plan is reviewed with the family soon after move-in and every six months thereafter unless changes in the resident's behavior warrant immediate discussion.

A Familiar Place: Individuals with Alzheimer's disease can become confused as to where they are and why they are there. We try as much as possible to make DayBreak a familiar place for our residents. We prefer each resident's room is furnished with things from their own home, even though we do have furniture available if necessary. Beloved items whether it is furnishings, keepsakes, mementos of past hobbies or trips, or photographs help create a comforting and familiar atmosphere for your loved one and in turn can help them be some receptive to their new environment.

The compassionate staff at Heritage Green will communicate regularly with family to ensure their loved one is receiving the best possible care available.

Teat time with nursing staff from clinical care services