Activities at Heritage Green

As part of the activities at Heritage Green, the Life Enrichment programs are designed to engage the whole person -- focusing on social skills, cognitive stimulation, creativity, music, spiritual, outdoor, intergenerational, entertainment, and more. Every program is goal-oriented to meet the needs and interest of each resident.
Life Enrichment activities include:

  • Family Nights
  • Birthday Parties
  • Men’s Activities
  • Pet Therapy
  • Fashion Show
  • Manicures

There’s always something to do at Heritage Green! You can find our residents enjoying themselves and the company of others as they dance and sing, do crafts or enjoy family get-togethers! Below is a sample of our activities that are regularly scheduled for our residents.

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Yoga is one of many active recreation programs available at Heritage Green

Day One

10:00 am Bible Study
10:30 am Morning Stretch
10:30 am Brain Aerobics
1:00 pm Cafe Outing
3:30 pm Crafty Crafters
6:30 pm Scrabble

Day Two

10:00 am Devotions and Hymns
10:30 am Morning Stretch
1:00 pm Ice Cream Outing
3:00 pm Bingo
3:30 pm Mind Joggers
6:30 pm Movie Night in the Theater

Day Three

10:00 am Bible Study
10:30 am Morning Stretch
11:00 am Bible Trivia
1:00 pm Manicures
2:00 pm Entertainment - Line Dancers
6:30 pm Lobby Social

Knitting groups are one of the activities planned.


Our memory care program capitalizes on our residents' individual strengths for successful interaction. Strengthening fine and gross motor skills, refining reading ability, and increasing socialization remain important goals to our program. In addition, we also focus on simple enjoyment as daily tasks and interactions can be unfamiliar and distressing to those with memory impairments. Montessori philosophy and validation therapy are incorporated to ensure each resident feels good about each interaction.

Montessori programming is based on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori and adapts principles to be used with memory care programs. Montessori therapies involve interactions in a supportive, failure-free environment taking into account each individual's strengths. Participants work in a methodical way, using repetition, to gradually build skills and progress to the next level.

Validation therapy was defined by Naomi File and is a technique to validate the reality of those with dementia. Validation supports the person's feelings and emotions in whatever time and space their current reality is. Validation gives credence to their feelings and uses reminiscing to allow the person to verbalize their thoughts.

Favorite music, hobbies, and even household chores are celebrated in micro-environments. Created with familiar objects in a familiar space, the residents relate to the world they still understand. These environments provide wonderfully therapeutic interactions.

Family input is key to our success in planning activities that our residents truly enjoy. Many of our activities come from the friends, family and other connections. Please see some of our regular activities below.

Planned activities are included in the monthly rent. Below is a sampling of some of the activities available for residents suffering with a dementia related illness.

Day One

9:00 am Guys and Dolls Salon
10:00 am Devotions
10:30 am Armchair Fitness
11:00 am Bingo Match Game
2:00 pm Ice Cream Social
3:00 pm Family Feud
6:30 pm 1920's Reminsce

Day Two

9:00 am Guys and Dolls Salon
9:30 am Balance and Brawn Fitness
10:30 am Montessori Matching
11:00 am Guest musical entertainment
1:00 pm Movie Matinee
2:00 pm Horseshoes
6:30 pm Puzzles

Day Three

9:00 am Guys and Dolls Salon
9:30 am Stretch it Out
10:30 am Ceramics
11:00 am Penny Ante
2:00 pm Happy Hour
3:00 pm Musical Melodies
6:30 pm Bible Trivia